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Happy International Women’s Day

It’s been six years since Innovative African women who have successfully braved through the thorny status quo were gifted with a platform called Women Mean Business Honors. Women Mean Business Honors was designed to serve as that ingenious platform that celebrates and inspires women from all facets of life to continue setting new and higher standards in business regardless of the glaring challenges across board.

This spectacular platform has brought together both established and emerging female entrepreneurs for afternoons of networking, skill polishing and inspiration. The results so far can be best described as infectious and impactful as there are countless manifestations to point towards with exponential growth recorded in several sectors of business.

The journey for us has just started and we believe with resilience and the well structured vision we are driven by, the future we seek is just around the corner.

It is with this focus and drive that we are convinced that we must tap into and harness the next generation of young female entrepreneurs. We will continue utilizing our numerous platforms to inspire change by sharing our stories and providing resources in a bid to ignite a move amongst young females who we believe will forge the way forward towards the development of sustainable businesses and build legacies that will permanently change the narrative of women in business.

International Women’s Day is the vital day we have chosen to celebrate female entrepreneurs as our way of creating a balance of women in the business field and encourage aspiring female entrepreneurs to take that bold step and build lasting businesses. It is with this in view that we would be hosting the maiden edition of She Means Business which caters to young women who are interested in starting a business or want to learn about entrepreneurship.

We will also be sharing stories of women that have taken that leap regardless and attained some level of success which is pivotal as it is bound to inspire and encourage a new generation of young women. With an wholesome approach in view, we chose International Women’s Month to launch My Story which will be an inspirational campaign geared towards achieving the ripple effect we crave across the continent and the diaspora.

The task seems herculean but our innate motherly nature is bound to kick in and catapult us beyond expected heights.

Happy International Women’s Day from Women Means Business.

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