Africa Communications Week 2018: Economic Integration in Africa: Opportunities for Communications

Africans changing the narrative through technology and communications….

The Sierra Leone edition of Africa Communications Week hosted by Women Mean Business will take place on the 23rd of May 2018 in Freetown. Africa Communications Week is the premier gathering for communications professionals and thought leaders looking to impact the current narratives on Africa.

ACW is open to all communications professionals with an expertise/interest in Africa, from African countries and across the globe. “There are too many communication professionals working in isolation, trying to challenge the current narratives about Africa. Africa Communications Week seeks to build bridges between forward-thinking communicators,” says ACW co-founder Annie Mutamba.

Powered by a virtual international team of multi-talented communications professionals who share a vision for transformative change in Africa through strategic communications, Africa Communications Week aims to convene communications leaders from various backgrounds across the world, to critically assess the role of communications in Africa’s socio-economic development.

Narratives surrounding Africa have an impact on the socio-economic development of the continent, Africa focused communicators must therefore be strategic about shaping a narrative that is so vital to the transformation of the continent.

Speaking on the theme for this year, ACW co-founder Eniola Harrison explains “integrating Africa is about infrastructure, technology, finance AND communications -- strategic communications is a key driver for the transformation of the continent,”

The media in most of our developing countries often reflect the viewpoint of the political elite. The concerns and aspirations of less advantaged social groups – people living in poverty, women, young people – are often excluded from the national debate, although they constitute a majority of the population. “It is our hope that by through this interactive dialogue we will work towards giving excluded groups the chance to make their voice heard and take part in the national dialogue for the development of Sierra Leone”- Ajara Bomah, Curator of Women Mean Business.

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